Diigo Bookmarks: Week Ending December 28, 2013

  • Vertical search is a powerful way to focus your intent on topics (like health and shopping) or types of content (like images and videos). But even the most ambitious meta-search engine is limited to a few hundred different topics, built and organized by staff members. Nuggety removes these limitations and allows anyone to create a new search vertical for any topic.

    tags: research directory verticalsearch searchlist

  • A feature-rich and simple video editing application for your personal and business needs.

    tags: web2.0 tools editor resources videoediting

  • Pixiclip is an interactive whiteboard. Upload images, draw sketches, and share replays with friends!

    tags: collaboration whiteboard web2.0 tools learning

  • Features:
    – Real-time collaboration on a virtual whiteboard with infinite pages
    – Real-time communication through voice conferencing and text chat
    – Permanent storage of all classrooms for later access
    – Support for image uploading
    – Access to basic drawing tools and colors

    tags: collaboration whiteboard web2.0 tools learning

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