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8 Free Web-Based Applications for Creating Tag and Word Clouds

I’ve used Wordle a lot, but I want to try Tagul and Text is Beautiful‘s correlation wheel.

Input Options Visualization/Editing Options Output Options
  • plain text (500 KB maximum)
  • URL
  • plain text file (5 MB maximum)
  • language
  • maximum number of words
  • minimum frequency
  • frequency shown
  • similar words grouped
  • conversion to lowercase
  • exclusion of listed words
  • HTML embedding
  • printable/full-screen
  • PDF
Comments:  There are no color options for the tag clouds in TagCrowd.  Also, the tags are in alphabetical order, and apparently the order cannot be changed.
  • text (including Excel and CSV format)
  • URL
  • conversion to uppercase, lowercase, and initial capitals
  • shapes (images can be added)
  • fonts
  • layout
  • colors and animations
  • raster and vector images
  • link share
  • HTML embedding
  • API xml
  • postcard, t-shirt, mug, etc. (can be ordered from store)
Comments:  Tagul is free, but users are required to sign up with an e-mail address.  I haven’t used Tagul before, but I like the option of being able to put the word clouds in different shapes and buy items with the word clouds on them.
  • URL
  • Twitter ID
  • Delicious ID
  • news topic
  • search topic
  • RSS feed
  • shapes:  classic, apple, dove, heart, star
  • orientation:  any, horizontal, vertical, horizontal/verticle
  • font
  • theme
  • image
  • web (thumbnail, URL)
  • print
  • HTML embedding
  • gifts (t-shirt, mug, bag, etc.)
Text is Beautiful
  • text (5,000 to 100,000 characters)
  • Wikipedia page
  • concept cloud, concept web, correlation wheel
  • font
  • layout
  • colors
  • advanced (automatic, square root, linear, exponential)
  • share (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • download (PNG, SVG)
Comments:  I like the correlation wheel.
  • URL
  • text
  • title
  • display (alphabetical, frequency, first occurence)
  • interpolation (logarithmic, linear)
  • phrases only
  • display frequencies
  • minimum frequency
  • number of words
  • effect
  • stop words to be excluded
  • merge with another webpage
  • background
  • colors
  • HTML embedding
  • text
  • URL with RSS feed
  • table (CSV)
  • colors
  • text
  • size
  • layout
  • t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • website gallery
  • text
  • URL with RSS feed
  • language
  • font
  • layout
  • color
  • website gallery
  • print
Comments:  I’ve been using (and having my students use) Wordle for a few years.  On some computers we have problems because it won’t run without Java.
  • text (sample text options available on home page)
  • sort (common to rare, rare to common, A to Z, Z to A


Comments:  There are no color or output options for the tag clouds in WordSift.

ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids is recommended for Grades 2 through 5, so I didn’t include it in the list.

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