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Video: “The Elf Knight & The Faerie Queene”

Video:  “The Elf Knight & The Faerie Queene

Part of this video was filmed at Lagswell Manor on Renaissance Island in Second Life.  I believe it was the dance scenes.

Video: “Poet’s Corner and Globe Theatre”

Video:  “Poet’s Corner and Globe Theatre

This video, which is a tour of the Poet’s Corner and the Globe Theatre on Renaissance Island in Second Life, was created using Screencast-O-Matic.

Ranking in En Garde Top 20

In the middle of August, when I started playing En Garde in Second Life, I set a goal of ranking in the top 100 players.  That happened some time ago, but last night and this morning, I’ve been ranked in the top 20.

October 28, 2010--Ranking in En Garde Top 20

As I’m writing this post, I’m ranked 15th.  I certainly never expected to be doing so well.

Renaissance Island’s Local En Garde! Rankings

I don’t know how it happened, but as of this morning, I’m at the top of Renaissance Island’s Local Champions list:

Renaissance Island's Local En Garde! Champions

Renaissance Island's Local En Garde! Champions

I haven’t played again since I posted about winning my first game.

Floria’s First Win Playing En Garde!

Since I watched the “En Garde! Tutorial” video earlier this month, I’ve joined the Renaissance Island team and played four games.  Last night I finally won:

First Win at En Garde!

First Win at En Garde!

After winning the game, I was ranked 502nd (out of 657) with 71 points:

En Garde Ranking after First Win

En Garde Ranking after First Win

Though I haven’t played again since last night, this morning I’m ranked 485th with 75 points.  I guess some people who were ranked ahead of me have lost since then.

I used the Snapshot function in Second Life to take the first picture and Jing to capture the screenshot for the second.  I then used Fireworks to blur my opponent’s name in the first (to protect her identity) and to highlight my name in the second.

Renaissance Island: Events for August 9-14, 2010

Tues., Aug, 10, 4pm PDT – Dart Tourney / Socializing

Will wants to have a dart tourney.  Are you interested?  He will be at the pub with ale and prizes.  Share a pint, some good company and dance a jig or two, before heading to your cottage for the eve.

Wed.,  Aug. 11, 7pm PDT – Jousting

Baron DeRos is available to give pointers and spar against all who wish to learn the civalry sport.  Stop by and cheer your Neighbor as s/he tires her round in the lists.

Equipment – Free horses can be provided.  Lances can be found at various places in SL for free as well.  We also have all items necessary for purchase here in our village which helps support our educational sim.

Chivalry – Remember you are a knight.  Honor matters to you more than winning.  If your opponent scores a hit against you, be sure to congratulate him/her.

Thurs., Aug. 12, 4pm PDT – Story Telling

Lady Keynes shares more stories.  This time she tells of  Homeric poetic account of Demeter.

Video: “En Garde! Tutorial”

Video:  “En Garde! Tutorial