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Lists of Web Directories

Blog Posts, Articles, and Reports To Read: October 2014

20 Lists of Search Engines and Other Internet Search Tools

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Blog Posts, Articles, and Reports To Read: June 2014

My Diigo Lists

I’ve been playing with Diigo‘s list feature and created lists of search engines as well as meta and multi search engines.

While I was at it, I updated the lists (search engines, meta and multi search engines) on my wiki.

I plan to add (and update) lists of directories, invisible web search tools, social media search tools, multimedia search tools, etc.

Blog Posts, Articles, and Reports To Read: August 2013


Yahoo! will be “shutting downAltaVista on (as of?) July 8.  I’m surprised it’s lasted this long considering how worthless it’s been since Yahoo! took it over.  They eliminated most of it’s usefulness/functionality, particularly the ability to use Boolean operators.  Before Yahoo! acquired AltaVista, it was my favorite search engine, but Yahoo! ruined it.

You can read Danny Sullivan’s eulogy for AltaVista here.

Thanks to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable for the heads up.