Books Read: November 2018

  • Flower, Amanda. Premeditated Peppermint.
  • Mariani, Scott. The Mozart Conspiracy.
  • Whitney, Phyllis A. The Ebony Swan.
  • Flower, Amanda, Assaulted Caramel.
  • Whitney, Phyllis A. Star Flight.
  • Flower, Amanda. Lethal Licorice.

Books Read: October 2018

  • Whitney, Phyllis A. The Singing Stones.
  • Balogh, Mary. Simply Perfect.
  • Whitney, Phyllis A. Woman without a Past.
  • Backman, Linda. Souls on Earth:  Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives
  • Fluke, Joanne. Christmas Cake Murder.
  • Laurens, Stephanie. The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh.

Books Read: September 2018

  • Baldacci, David. The Camel Club.
  • Balogh, Mary. Simply Unforgettable.
  • Stewart, Mariah. Dune Drive.
  • Balogh, Mary. Simply Love.
  • Balogh, Mary. Simply Magic.
  • Whitney, Phyllis A. The Glass Flame.

My Favorite Fall Poem: “Fall Leaves”


As paratroops

Spring upwards–out

And down we fall

While spilling air

To maintain strict

Formation.  Land,

Regroup, press on

To battlelines

Where dried-up old

Campaigners fight

Alongside us

Still-greenies.  Long-

Awaited, the

Command, at last,

For us to march

Into the Jaws

Of Hell shining

With a rake’s pale


Books Read: August 2018

  • Carpenter, Amanda. Gaslighting America:  Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us.
  • McHugh, Laura. Arrowood.
  • Balogh, Mary. At Last Comes Love.
  • Flower, Amanda. Flowers and Foul Play.
  • MacKenzie, Sally. What Ales the Earl.
  • Balogh, Mary. Seducing an Angel.

Books Read: July 2018

  • Stewart, Mariah. The Sugarhouse Blues.
  • Balogh, Mary. First Comes Marriage.
  • Lackey, Mercedes. The Hills Have Spies.
  • Thayne, RaeAnne. The Cottages on Silver Beach.
  • Balogh, Mary. Then Comes Seduction.
  • James, Syrie. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen.
  • Flower, Amanda. The Final Vow.

Books Read: June 2018

  • Huber, Anna Lee. As Death Draws Near.
  • Balogh, Mary. Slightly Sinful.
  • Taylor, Travis S. Warp Speed.
  • Woodbury, Sarah. The Unexpected Ally.
  • Balogh, Mary. Slightly Dangerous.
  • James, Syrie. The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen.