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Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke

In Publishing E-Books for Dummies, Ali Luke provides a lot of good information.  I borrowed the book from the library and have thought about buying a copy, but I’m concerned because it was published in 2012 and is probably already outdated.

I am taking Luke’s advice on setting prices with a grain of salt because she has so overpriced her own non-fiction books.  I wouldn’t pay more than $10 max for any one of them.

I found a typo on page 47 at the end of the first paragraph under Dashes:  The last “em-dash” should be “en-dash.”

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Sonnet: “Musician, let me be thine instrument!”

Musician, let me be thine instrument!
On this fair organ, bored and turned for thee
Alone, and spaced to match thy reach, give vent
Thy strains of natural creativity.
No matter whether expert or inept
Were thy technique, or classic or baroque
Thy style, thy fingering awkward or adept,
Thou couldst not fret. Thou solely canst evoke
The mellow tenor of my register–
Most treble at thy gentle touch, not bass–
With thine enchanting. Dextrous amateur,
Thou surely couldst not play except with grace.
Rest not! Thou hast the proper pitch and key;
Swell this recorder with love’s melody.

This is another sonnet I wrote several years ago.

Video: “‘A Princess to a Dragon'”

Video: “‘A Princess to a Dragon‘”

I created this video of me reading my sonnet with Screencast-O-Matic, which I want to use to create screencasts for my classes.  I’ve tried using Jing before, but I couldn’t convert the file to upload to YouTube, though it works well for screenshots.  I also downloaded CamStudio to try, but it seems pretty complicated.