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My Favorite Fall Poem: “Fall Leaves”


As paratroops

Spring upwards–out

And down we fall

While spilling air

To maintain strict

Formation.  Land,

Regroup, press on

To battlelines

Where dried-up old

Campaigners fight

Alongside us

Still-greenies.  Long-

Awaited, the

Command, at last,

For us to march

Into the Jaws

Of Hell shining

With a rake’s pale


What Second-Semester Writing Students Should Already Know

  • what a thesis statement is (an assertion about the topic and a blueprint of the paper) and is not (a topic, a question, or an announcement)
  • how to write a relevant, specific, and interesting title
  • how to write a clear, effective thesis statement
  • how to write an interesting, well-developed introduction leading into the thesis statement and the body of the paper
  • how to write unified, coherent body paragraphs with clearly stated topic sentences and adequate support
  • how to write a well-developed, interesting conclusion
  • hot to transition smoothly between paragraphs and sections
  • how to write grammatically correct sentences (no fragments or run-ons)
  • how to use punctuation correctly
  • how to make pronouns agree with antecednets and verbs with subjects
  • how to write parallel lists and headings
  • that first- and second-person pronouns should be avoided in academic writing (except personal and process essays)
  • that contractions are not appropriate in formal academic writing
  • how to freewrite and create mind maps (clustering)
  • how to prepare a formal outline
  • how to prepare a paper in MLA format
  • what plagiarism is
  • how to use basic features in a word processing program
  • how to save a file as a different type
  • how to upload or attach a file

Resources for Writing Book Reviews

Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke

In Publishing E-Books for Dummies, Ali Luke provides a lot of good information.  I borrowed the book from the library and have thought about buying a copy, but I’m concerned because it was published in 2012 and is probably already outdated.

I am taking Luke’s advice on setting prices with a grain of salt because she has so overpriced her own non-fiction books.  I wouldn’t pay more than $10 max for any one of them.

I found a typo on page 47 at the end of the first paragraph under Dashes:  The last “em-dash” should be “en-dash.”

Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

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