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Universal Design in Higher Education edited by Sheryl E. Burgstahler and Rebecca C. Cory

If you’re looking for a manual on how to apply universal design in your college/university classes, don’t bother reading Universal Design in Higher Education (Cambridge, MA:  Harvard Education Press, 2008).  Chapter authors do a good job of explaining what universal design is, but the book is theoretical rather than practical despite the subtitle:  From Principles to Practice. The principles predominate, and there is little on actual practice.

It also focuses more on meeting the needs of students with disabilities over those with varied learning styles, which faculty members are more likely to have in class.

The book has chapters on implementing universal design in instruction, services, information technology, and physical spaces in higher education.  There is also a chapter on institutionalizing universal design.

Video: “Best Practices Through Universal Design for Learning”

Video:  “Best Practices Through Universal Design for Learning

IT 5660 Blog Entries

This fall I’m retaking IT 5660 through the University of Colorado at Denver.  I originally took the class two years ago and got an A in it.  At the time, the name of the class was Developing Educational Websites; now it’s called Designing and Teaching in eLearning Environments.  IT 5660 is the first class in CU-Denver’s certificate program in Designing eLearning Environments and its master’s program in eLearning Design and Implementation.

After completing IT 5660 two years ago, I decided to withdraw from the program.  Now I want to finish it to increase my employability and, hopefully, my income.  I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to apply to the master’s program.

For the class, I have to make weeily blog entries starting this week to reflect on the lessons I learned in the previous unit.

IT Class at CU-Denver

I dropped the class I was going to take through UCD, IT 6720.  I decided that I just don’t have the time and the energy for it this semester.  It’s my first time teaching for Mesa State, and I want to do a good job.

IT 6720

This spring I’ve registered to take IT 6720, Research in Information and Learning Technologies, online from CU-Denver.  Here’s the description of the class:

Analysis, evaluation, and production of published research in instructional technology. Develop recommendations for action based on research findings.

This Is SOOOO Cool!

TouchGraph Google Browser (also available for Amazon.com and Facebook) shows connections between websites listed in Google’s database. You can graph connections based on URLs or keywords. Here’s part of the graph I got when I put in “instructional technology” with the quotation marks. I focused on the section with CU-Denver bcause that’s where I’m taking an instructional technology class.

I read about it on TechCrunch.

Also posted at Issues and Trends in IDT.