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Writing versus Literature and Humanities

I finally realized (duh!) this week that I’d much rather teach literature and humanities courses than writing classes. Of course, that’s what most of my classes are in. I’m working on my c.v. so, hopefully, I can apply to some other colleges or universities to teach more classes in those areas.

I also wouldn’t mind teaching some poetry-writing classes, though I probably need to do more poetry writing myself. All that I’ve done recently has been lyrics for political songs, and I did that more than a year and a half ago.

The other day, I did write another poem that is less political. I was going to make all the lines end in a rhyme with weary, but I decided to break that up:

Snow Weary

skies dreary
eyes bleary–
kids cheery
snowballs forming

still leery
of “theory,”
my query:
global warming?

I do like the way the title rhymes with most of the lines as well as the way I used punctuation but no verbs.

I’m going to have to start carrying a notebook with me so I can do some writing when I have the time–or the inspiration.