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Blog Posts, Articles, and Reports To Read: May 2013

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Recent Changes to MLA-Style Documentation

I’ve found the following sources with information about the changes to MLA-style documentation that came out this year:

New MLA Handbook

I received my copy of the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers the other day.  I hope to spend some time this summer reviewing it and its companion website to see what changes have been made.  Access to the website is free with the purchase of the book.

According to the main page, the website provides

  • The full text of the print volume of the MLA Handbook
  • Over two hundred additional examples
  • Several research project narratives—stories, with sample papers, that illustrate the steps successful students take in researching and writing papers
  • Searching of the entire site, including the full text of the MLA Handbook
  • Continuous access throughout the life of the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook