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Blog Posts, Articles, and Reports To Read: October 22, 2010

Articles I’ve run across during the last two weeks:

E-mail Alerts Services

I’ve recorded the results of my test of Google Alerts.  I wondered what similar services were available, and after doing some research, I found the following:

Half of them are for Twitter or other social sites.

Are there any services that I missed?


Earlier this week, I posted a list of “Web-Based Tools for Searching Twitter in Real Time” in which I wrote that I liked Monitter because you could use it to “track three keywords at the same time.”  At the time, I had only tried TweetGrid‘s search function and not its dashboard that searches up to ten keywords and updates in real time.  It also has party and widget options.  I’ll definitely be using TweetGrid more in the future.

I found several videos on YouTube that show and tell how to use TweetGrid:

Web-Based Tools for Searching Twitter in Real Time

After trying Monitter, I thought it would be nice to make a list of web-based tools that can be used to search or track trends in Twitter in real time.  Here’s what I’ve found:

For me, Monitter has the advantage because you can track three keywords at the same time.

Are there any important ones that I missed?

Video: “Track Twitter trends with Monitter!”

Video:  “Track Twitter trends with Monitter!

Video: “Twitter Search in Plain English”

Video:  “Twitter Search in Plain English

Presentation: “The Twitter Book – A Sneak Preview”

Presentation:  “The Twitter Book – A Sneak Preview