Diigo Bookmarks: Week Ending October 1, 2016

  • 2,000+ Search Engines, Indices and Directories

    “the ultimate source of free information”

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  • “WhosTalkin.com is a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care about most. Whether it be your favorite sport, favorite food, celebrity, or your company’s brand name; Whostalkin.com can help you join in on the conversations that you care about most.Our goal is to deliver the most relevant and current conversations happening in the world of social media.”

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  • upload and find GIFs

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  • “search.creativecommons.org is not a search engine, but rather offers convenient access to search services provided by other independent organizations. CC has no control over the results that are returned.”

    tags:search engine research images videos

  • online video hosting

    tags:Video search engine research video sharing

  • “Alhea.com compiles results from many of the Web’s major search properties, delivering more relevant and comprehensive results every time you search. The search results you receive include the top commercial (sponsored advertising) and non-commercial (algorithmic) results from the most popular search engines on the Web.

    Alhea.com web search is designed to identify the intent of a user’s search and results will be listed in separate sections and in order of relevance, with sponsored results at the top and bottom of the page, and organic results showing in between. For example, if you are searching for information about the prices of digital cameras and enter the term “digital camera prices,” you will generally receive more sponsored results and commercial Web pages containing information on the prices at which businesses are offering cameras as well as organic results. If, on the other hand, you are searching for academic or general research purposes and enter the term ‘digital camera technology,’ the results will be weighted more toward articles, information and other non-commercial results about the technology behind digital cameras.”

  • “Contenko was created to be different than every day search results pages. Why spend time going through pages and pages of results only to not really find what you were searching for. With Contenko we narrow it down to a single page of 10 results. If what you are looking for is not in those results, search again with a better search term. It’s that simple. Contenko makes it easier to surf the web through what we call search simplification. Our users find this new approach refreshing.”

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