Nonpolitical Books Read: October 2013

  • McKinley, Robin.  Chalice.  New York:  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2008.  Print.
  • Kurland, Lynn.  A Tapestry of Spells.  New York:  Berkley Sensation, 2010.  Print.
  • Wells, Martha.  Wheel of the Infinite.  New York:  EOS-HarperCollins, 2000.  Print.
  • Trent, Gayle.  Murder Takes the Cake.  Book 1, Daphne Martin Cake Mysteries.  New York:  Gallery Books, 2011.  Print.
  • Kurland, Lynn.  Spellweaver.  New York:  Berkley Sensation, 2011.  Print.
  • Sullivan, Michael J.  The Rose and the Thorn.  Book 2, The Riyria Chronicles.  New York:  Orbit-Hachette Book Group, 2013.  Print.
  • Trent, Gayle.  Dead Pan.  Book 2, Daphne Martin Cake Mysteries.  Memphis:  Bell Bridge Books, 2009.  Print.

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