Inferno by Dan Brown

Though Inferno, Dan Brown‘s fourth Robert Langdon novel, is only a few pages longer than The Da Vinci Code and shorter than the other two (Angels & Demons 572 pages,  The Da Vinci Code 454 pages, The Lost Symbol 510 pages , Inferno 480 pages), I think it could have been much shorter.  Too much of the plot is based on misleading Langdon and the reader.

I have to repeat what I wrote after reading The Lost Symbol:  “I think Dan Brown‘s best novel is Angels & Demons followed by The Da Vinci Code. . . .”  I don’t remember enough about The Lost Symbol to rank it against Inferno.

In Inferno, Brown does include scientific as well as artistic information, though he didn’t include an author’s note about the research he did and what in the novel was true.  I guess he’s trying to compete with Steve Berry and James Rollins, though I don’t think he can.

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