Cordelia’s Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold

Cordelia’s Honor contains Shards of Honor and Barrayar along with an afterword by the author, Lois McMaster Bujold.  The two novels relate Cordelia Naismith’s introduction and eventual marriage to Aral Vorkosigan and the birth of their son, Miles.  Cordelia is one of my new science fiction heroines.

Bujold has also written several novels and novellas about Miles Vorkosigan/Naismith, which fall in this order chronologically:

  • The Warrior’s Apprentice
  • “The Mountains of Mourning” (Borders of Infinity)
  • The Vor Game
  • Cetaganda
  • Ethan of Athos
  • “Labyrinth” (Borders of Infinity)
  • “The Borders of Infinity” (Borders of Infinity)
  • Brothers in Arms
  • Borders of Infinity
  • Mirror Dance
  • Memory
  • Komarr
  • A Civil Campaign
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Cryoburn

There is also a Vor novel set about 200 years before Miles’s birth:  Falling Free.

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