The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton

The Ninth Daughter (New York:  Berkley Prime Crime, 2009) is Barbara Hamilton‘s firstAbigail Adams mystery.  The novel is set in 1773 Boston and surrounding areas.  Well-known Sons of Liberty, like John Adams, Sam Adams, and Paul Revere, make appearances.

According to a post on Barbara Hambly’s website, Hamilton hopes “that the series continues at least far enough for Abigail to do some sleuthing in tandem with Martha Washington in the seige-camp outside of occupied Boston during the Seige, and–crossed fingers–with Mr. Jefferson in pre-revolutionary Paris.”

The next two mysteries in the series are A Marked Man and Sup with the Devil.

Barbara Hamilton is apparently a pseudonym of Hambly’s (“Barbara Hamilton“).  Hambly has been one of my favorite fantasy writers for many years; I particularly enjoyed her Darwath series, Windrose Chronicles, and Sun-Cross novels (“Barbara Hambly“).

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