Crown of Vengeance by Mercedes Lacky and James Mallory

Crown of Vengeance (New York:  Tom Doherty Associates, 2012) is the first book of The Dragon Prophecy series.  It “is set in the same world as the Enduring Flame and Obsidian Mountain trilogies” by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory and before the other series.

In Crown of Vengeance, “readers will learn the truth about the Elven Queen Vielissiar Faricarnon, who was the first to face the Endarkened in battle and the first to bond with a dragon. She worked some of the greatest magics her world has ever known, and paid the greatest Price” (“Crown of Vengeance“).

I’ve read the other two trilogies and much preferred the Obsidian Mountain series, which was written and set before the Enduring Flame series.  I actually like Crown of Vengeance better than any of the books in the other two series.

I discovered from looking at James Mallory’s blog, that there is a wiki with reference information about the novels in these series:  The Obsidian Wiki.  It’s clearly not up to date.

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