Though I bought the DVD last February, I didn’t get around to watching Anonymous until yesterday.  I was somewhat familiar with the theory that the Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, wrote the plays and poetry attributed to William Shakespeare (the Oxfordian theory) but not the Prince Tudor theory (“Prince Tudor theory,” “Examining the Prince Tudor Theory,” “A Royal Shame:  The Origins and History of the Prince Tudor Theory“).

I’m certainly not convinced, but I’d like to study both theories more.  I have a copy of “Shakespeare” by Another Name and hope to find time to read it over Christmas break.  Some of the books listed in the Wikipedia article on the Prince Tudor theory also look interesting:

  • Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I by Paul Streitz
  • Shakespeare and the Tudor Rose by Elisabeth Sears
  • The Monument by Hank Whittemore
  • The Secret Love Story in Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Heightsman Gordon

I’m more interested in analyses of the literature than historical works.

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