Diigo Bookmarks: Week Ending August 11, 2012

  • Converse in real time using a Twitter hashtag.

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  • Make Amazing Animated Videos!

    Use our Video Maker to create videos for free.

    Make a viral video.
    Create an animated lesson for your class.
    Make a demo video of your product, a promotional video for your business or a training video for your staff.

    GoAnimate is the fastest, easiest way to make a video!”

    tags: vídeo web2.0 editing tools animation

  • “FlixTime turns your photos and videos into stunning and unique videos in just minutes! Sign-up for a free account, and upload your images, videos and music. Then, sit back and watch your masterpiece come together!”

    tags: vídeo web2.0 editing tools music presentations slideshows

  • Mix photos, video, music create stunning videos in seconds.

    tags: vídeo web2.0 editing tools music

  • With WeVideo, you simply upload your video clips and photos, create your storylines, and edit them in the cloud. Oh, that “cloud thing”, it means the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. For you that means there’s no software to download. All video story creation takes place in the browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    You can create videos “in the moment” wherever you are, making the process convenient and timely. We also give you full creative control, and we’ve made it really easy. And with WeVideo, you can collaborate with others on video stories. You can co-create the same video or come up with your own unique versions from the clips in your own cloud-based video library. Once created, you can share your video in basic Internet or high-definition quality on the WeVideo site or publish it to your favorite video-sharing, social-networking, or other online site.

    tags: vídeo web2.0 editing tools

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