Song of the Beast by Carol Berg

Song of the Beast (New York:  Roc-Penguin, 2003, 2011) was one of the first books Carol Berg wrote, but it wasn’t published until after her Books of the Rai-Kirah (xiii), which I intend to read next.  I probably enjoyed Song of the Beast more than the books in Berg’s Bridge of D’Arnath series (Son of Avonar, Guardians of the Keep, The Soul Weaver, and Daughter of Ancients) because I was used to her technique of switching the point of view from one character to another.  What was odd in Song of the Beast was that the last two sections (Chapters 34 through 36 and Chapter 37) were told by the same character, but there is a title page with the character’s name (as there is every time the point of view changes) before Chapter 37 identical to the one before Chapter 34 (the previous one).

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