An Unholy Alliance by Susanna Gregory

An Unholy Alliance (New York:  St. Martin’s Press, 1996) is Susanna Gregory‘s first chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew, a physician teaching and healing–and solving murders–in 1350 Cambridge, England.  I actually like An Unholy Alliance better than A Conspiracy of Violence, Gregory’s first Thomas Chaloner novel.

Other novels about Matthew Bartholomew include

  • A Bone of Contention
  • A Plague on Both Your Houses
  • A Deadly Brew
  • A Wicked Deed
  • A Masterly Murder
  • An Order for Death
  • A Summer of Discontent
  • A Killer in Winter
  • The Hand of Justice
  • The Marker of a Murder
  • The Tarnished Chalice
  • To Kill or Cure
  • The Devil’s Disciples
  • A Vein of Deceit
  • The Killer of Pilgrims
  • Mystery in the Minster
  • Murder by the Book

I had trouble figuring out which of the books was first in the series, but An Unholy Alliance is clearly labeled as “The first chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew.”

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