A Conspiracy of Violence by Susanna Gregory

A Conspiracy of Violence (London:  Time Warner Books, 2006) is the first of Susanna Gregory‘s novels about Thomas Chaloner, a former English spy who finds himself unemployed in Restoration London.  (The monarchy was restored in 1660.)

Chaloner, who goes by the name Thomas Heyden, spied in the Netherlands for Cromwell’s government under the orders of John Thurloe.  Chaloner must use all his skills to find employment and solve multiple mysteries that are all linked.

Susanna Gregory is the pseudonym of a Cambridge academic who was previously a coroner’s officer. Her series of mediaeval mysteries have gained a formidable following” (Susanna Gregory; emphasis added).

Sequels in the Chaloner series include

  • Blood on the Strand (2006)
  • The Butcher of Smithfield (2008)
  • The Westminster Poisoner (2008)
  • A Murder on London Bridge (2009)
  • The Body in the Thames (2011)
  • The Piccadilly Plot (2012)
  • Death in St. James’s Park (2013)

Gregory has also written a series of medieval mysteries featuring Matthew Bartholomew.  The first novel in the series is A Plague on Both Your Houses.  The eighteenth novel in this series, Murder by the Book, is scheduled for release in April 2013.

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