Diigo Bookmarks: Week Ending June 11, 2011

  • The Easiest Way to Post and Share Anything

    tags: web2.0 blogging tools sharing social

  • topikality learns what sort of articles you like, and emails them to you. It filters out the clutter, so you don’t have to.

    No more wading through dozens of irrelevant articles, and no missing out simply because you weren’t subscribed to the right blog. topikality gives you the best of what you want, and none of what you don’t.

    tags: research alerts articles

  • Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

    tags: web2.0 tools aggregator mashup

  • eZanga.com was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Beth and Rich Kahn and is currently led by search engine veterans Richard Kahn and Angel Pabon as an effort to help people find information on the web faster and easier. Our innovative and proprietary technologies push the limit of Meta search technology by retrieving search results from multiple search engines, we then re-rank and display the most relevant results without duplication.

    tags: research metacrawler

  • SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows, created by Luke Hutteman.

    tags: web2.0 tools RSS aggregator

  • FeedShow is a free online RSS feed reader.

    tags: web2.0 tools RSS aggregator

  • Favit is a a powerful and innovative real-time content streamer that centralizes and unifies the access to content, its consumption and management. favit delivers you – easy and quick – just the web content you are interested in, leaving all the irrelevant information outside of your attention scope. You can easily socialize with other users on the basis of common interest, share and discuss the information you are most passionate about with people just like you.

    tags: sharing socialnetworking web2.0 tools collaboration RSS aggregator

  • Welcome to the UNC Writing Center. Each of our writing process demonstrations will teach a technique that you can apply to your own writing. You can view and use these strategies in whatever order works best for you. Click a stage on the menu above to get started.

    tags: writing resources English education tutorials

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