Sonnet: “A Princess to a Dragon”

I like reading fantasy, and I’ve read more than one fantasy novel about dragons taking human form.  This sonnet, which I wrote and sometimes share with my humanities classes when we’re discussing Renaissance poetry, follows that theme:

You courted me in human form and won
my mind and heart with knowledge, wisdom, power,
not longing looks that saw a fragile flower
or simpering words comparing to the sun
my shining countenance, declaring none
could wish for more than that to be my dower.
These men would lock me in an ivory tower,
imprisoning my spirit that would run–
no! fly–as free as yours.  Above the clouds
of ignorance you soar on jeweled wings.
Your flaming breath dispels the mists that hide
the shining light of truth from distant crowds.
Your sharp claws shred the purpled might of kings.
Transform me now and take me as your bride.

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