“Blended Learning Course Design”

“Blended Learning Course Design” (Madison, WI:  Magna Publications, 2009) is a white paper based on a seminar titled “10 Ways to Improve Blended Learning Course Design” presented by Ike Shibley, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Penn State.  Shibley picked up where Snart left off and offered some general suggestions for designing “a successful blended course”:

  1. start with learning objectives
  2. create ways for students to learn before class
  3. create ways for students to learn during class
  4. create ways for students to learn after class
  5. use multiple forms of communication
  6. encourage collaboration
  7. utilize online resources
  8. utilize both low-and high-stakes grading
  9. seek assistance from professionals
  10. stay organized

For details, you’ll need to read the paper, which I highly recommend.  Shipley refers to Bloom’s taxonomy frequently.  I’d have appreciated a more in-depth discussion, but that would have required an entire book rather than a 20-page paper.

One of the references listed at the end of the paper (21) looks useful:

Garrison, D. Randy and Vaughan, Norman D. (2007).  Blended Learning in Higher Education:  Framework, Principles, and Guidelines. Jossey-Bass.

It appears that someone was trying to put the information into APA style, but it should look more like this*:

Garrison, D.R., & Vaughan, N.D.  (2007).  Blended learning in higher education:  Framework, principles, and guidelines.  Hoboken, NJ:  Jossey-Bass-Wiley.

* I just went over APA-style documentation with my class on Thursday, July 15.

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