Mind Mapping Application for ENG 1020

This semester I’ve decided to have my ENG 1020 students at Metro create mind maps of the topics for their argumentative papers to help them keep track of arguments, counterarguments, support, etc.

I began by looking at the mind mapping applications I listed in two posts, “Mind Mapping Resources” and “More Mind Mapping Resources,” in December of 2008. I narrowed down my choices to three: bubbl.us 2.0 beta, MindMeister, and Mindomo. Then I registered with each of the three and compared the applications.

Here are the results:

Feature bubbl.us 2.0 beta MindMeister Mindomo
Cost free basic plan free basic plan free basic plan
Registration name and e-mail address optional, username and password required name and e-mail address required along with e-mail confirmation of account; can sign in with Gmail, Google Apps, and OpenID accounts name and e-mail address required along with e-mail confirmation of account; can sign in with Google and Yahoo! accounts
Limits for Free Plan apparently none three mind maps seven private mind maps

unlimited public mind maps

Editing one toolbar with Zoom, Undo, Copy, Paste, and Save top toolbar:

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Connect
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Do
  • Undo
  • Export
  • Print

right side toolbar:

  • Navigator (Center Map, Zoom in, Zoom out, Switch between maps
  • Format (Text size and style, Node formatting, Map theme)
  • Icons and Images
  • Extras (Notes, Links, Attachments, Tasks)
top toolbars like Office 2007:

  • Home (Clipboard, Insert, Formatting, Symbols, Topic features, Editing)
  • Insert (Insert, Topic features, Multimedia)
  • Format (Topics, Boundary, Relationship, Numbering, Map Style,Page, Task Info)
  • Review (Proofing)
  • View (Document Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Details)
Insert Notes in Map no yes yes
Insert Links in Map no yes yes
Insert Symbols and Images in Map no yes yes
Insert Multimedia in Map (Audio, Video) no no yes
Attach Documents in Map no yes yes
Format Options font size, color font size and style, style and color for nodes, map themes map styles, colors, font, shapes, etc.
Export Options .jpg, .png .rtf outline, .pdf, .gif, .png, .jpg .png, .jpg, .gif, .rtf, .pdf, .xls, .html, plain text
Publishing Options print URL to view map, .html code to embed map, print URL to view map, URL to view map as .html page, URL to RSS feed, .html code to embed map, print
Help no video, less extensive help section than others video tutorial, extensive help topics video tour, extensive help topics
Example not available Research Research

Perhaps I should have tried bubbl.us rather than the 2.0 beta release. However, I’d rather not have to change versions for fall semester.

Based on the results of my trials, I decided to go with Mindomo because of bubbl.us’s limit features and MindMeister’s limited number of mind maps with a free plan.

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