Moving from Delicious to Diigo

I’ve moved my bookmarks from Delicious to Diigo, which I’ll probably start using this summer for my second-semester freshman composition classes.  I’ve been requiring my students to create accounts on Delicious to bookmark sites they find and use for class.  This last semester, we had problems because new users are required to create new Yahoo! accounts or use existing ones.  Students who used existing accounts had trouble logging on again later.

Diigo appears to have all of the functions Delicious does and more, including

  • groups
  • highlighting and comments on webpages
  • educational accounts
  • messages
  • blogs

Because of the EasyBlog feature, I can use Diigo instead of both Delicious and Blogger for my classes.  (I have my students use blogs as research journals.)  With the group feature, I won’t have to put links to students’ blogs and bookmarking accounts on the class wiki.

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