Wish List for Zakta

On Friday, I talked to a woman who is doing PR/marketing for Zakta.  She and the founder had read here about my using Zakta in my classes.  She wanted to know about my experience using Zakta and what I would like to see changed about or added to Zakta.  Here is my wish list:

  • ability to use Boolean and search engine operators in search
  • advanced search
  • results in References from more credible sources than Wikipedia (perhaps from dictionaries and thesauruses as well as encyclopedia)
  • real-time results from social media (Twitter, etc.)
  • ability to post search results to Delicious, Diigo, Twitter, etc. (as can already be done with guides)
  • ability to post guides to WordPress blogs
  • help videos
  • RSS feeds for search results and guides
  • e-mail and RSS alerts (like Google)
  • cached and similar results (like Google)
  • thumbnails views of results

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