Star Trek: A Singular Destiny by Keith R. A. DeCandido

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny (New York: Pocket Books-Simon & Schuster, 2009), “commences in late April 2381, about two months after the conclusion of the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, and a year and a half after the feature film Star Trek Nemesis” (“Historian’s Note”).  I read the Destiny trilogy earlier this year.  Unfortunately, A Singular Destiny doesn’t include as many of the characters from the television series and movies as the trilogy did.  In fact, the only major character in A Singular Destiny from any of the series is Ezri Dax.  Leonard McCoy has a “cameo appearance.”

More novels based on the events in the Destiny trilogy have already been published:

  • Titan: Over a Torrent Sea
  • Voyager:  Full Circle
  • The Next Generation:  Losing the Peace
  • Voyager:  Unworthy
  • Titan:  Synthesis

From the titles, I’m hoping to “see” more of the original characters in these books.

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