My Students’ Zakta Guides

My ENG 1020 students at Metro had an option for earning extra credit by creating a Zakta guide for their research topic and embedding the guides in their research journals (blog).  Several of them took advantage of the opportunity.  Here are links to their guides:

My ENG 122 students at Red Rocks had the same option.  One student completed the assignment:

In addition, my HUM 121 students at Red Rocks had an option of creating a Zakta guide for their individual project.  A few students picked this option.  Here are the links to their guides:

One response to “My Students’ Zakta Guides

  1. Sundar Kadayam

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Kudos to you on bringing a cutting-edge research tool like Zakta into your curriculum and creatively motivating your students with extra credit.

    The Zakta Guides cited in your post have been nicely done by your students. The students’ work demonstrates the whole cycle of researching, collecting useful information, organizing it into a Guide, and sharing them via their research blog with others.

    Zakta supports this entire process, and we think it can be very helpful for students with their research work more broadly. We’d welcome feedback from you and your students on Zakta. What can we do to make Zakta even more useful for you?

    Thank you
    Sundar Kadayam
    Founder & CEO, Zakta