The Lost Colony of the Templars by Steven Sora

As I mentioned in a post on Oct. 1, I learned about Steven Sora‘s book The Lost Colony of the Templars: Verrazano’s Secret Mission to America (Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 2004) while watching a documentary about the Knights Templar in America.  It was the only book referenced in the show that was available through the Jefferson County Public Libraries.  After slogging through it, I can only wonder why the library system bought it.

I actually used The Lost Colony of the Templars in my on-campus ENG 1020 classes Metro as a not-credible source for the following reasons:

  • The title misrepresents the content of the book.  What little information there is about the colony and Verrazano’s voyage appear more than halfway through the book.
  • The book is poorly organized.
  • The information is not adequately documented.
  • There are no visuals in the book at all.  Maps would have been particularly appropriate since Sora spends so much of the book discussing various sea voyages.

However, there are some books listed in the bibliography that might be worth looking at:

  • Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, The Temple and the Lodge
  • Michael Bradley, Grail Knights in America
  • David Ovason, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital:  The Masons and the Building of Washington, DC

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