Research Journal Assignment #9

Post in Your Blog:

Post once  in your blog (research journal), using the number and phrase in bold as the title of your post:

RJA #9: Evaluation of Sources–Select six of the sources you’ve found on your topic, including one book, one periodical article, and one website. Following the guidelines in “Evaluating Sources of Information,” evaluate these sources. Post your evaluations in your blog.  Be sure you include bibliographic information for all six sources, including a web address or link for the website(s).

If you need to, continue searching for reference works, books, and periodical articles on your topic. Update the appropriate posts on your blog if you find more sources. Don’t forget to bookmark relevant sites in your Delicious account and add any relevant RSS feeds to your Protopage.

Use the department and course number (ENG 1020 or ENG 122) and other appropriate tags (”Labels” on Blogger) for the post.

2 responses to “Research Journal Assignment #9

  1. So the part where we have to ping ourselves on technorati isn’t necessary for this RJA anymore?

    • That’s correct. Technorati has changed their website and, apparently, eliminated the Ping page.