Extra Credit Assignment 1

Create a Zakta guide for your research topic.  Bookmarks the lens in your Delicious account and embed it in your blog (research journal).  The guide must include a minimum of 5 sections and 25 items.

For help in creating the guide, watch “Zakta.com – Creating A Guide” at Time Saving Tutorials.

To embed the guide in your blog, follow these instructions on “How to Add Page Elements in Blogger” with the HTML code you get when you click on “Embed this Guide” under the picture (or placesaver for it) in your guide.  If necessary, you can adjust the width and/or height of the guide in your blog.  You may add it to the sidebar or at the bottom.

When you have completed the assignment, e-mail the instructor at the address in the syllabus the web address for your embedded Zakta guide.

You may earn up to 25 points for this extra credit assignment.

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