TV Show: “Holy Grail in America”

Sunday night I watched a show on the History Channel that I’d recorded on Sept. 20:  “Holy Grail in America.”  The reference to the Holy Grail in the title and runes (Kensington Runestone) in the description caught my attention on (or before) the 20th, so I set the DVR to record the show, which I found fascinating when I finally watched it.  (The show is scheduled to air again on Sat., Oct. 3, at 5:00 p.m. and on Wed., Oct. 14, at 10:00 a.m., time zone unknown.)

The show began with the discovery of  the Kensington Runestone and traced its possible connections to other runestones and carved stones found in North America, to the Knights Templar and Cistercians, to Prince Henry Sinclair and Christopher Columbus, to the Newport Tower and Rosslyn Chapel, and to the Freemasons.

I made a list of authors and books mentioned in the show:

  • Scott Wolter, The Hooked X
  • Ashley Cowie, The Rosslyn Templar
  • Erling Haagensen, The Templars’ Secret Island
  • Steven Sora, The Lost Colony of the Templars
  • Alan Butler, The Knights Templar Revealed
  • Simon Brighton, In Search of the Knights Templar

I don’t know that I’ll read all of the books, if I can find them, but I did want to keep a list of them somewhere.  I found Sora’s book in my county library and requested Haagensen’s book and The Kensington Runestone: Approaching a Research Question Holistically by Alice Beck Kehoe through Prospecter, which includes all the major public and university libraries in the state.  I also recommended to my county library that they buy Wolter’s and Cowie’s books.

I certainly don’t accept everthing presented in “Holy Grail in America,” but I do find it interesting and want to do more research on the subject.

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