This semester I’m having my ENG 1020 classes at Metro and my ENG 122 class at Red Rocks use aggregators to track RSS feeds of news and blogs that they find in the process of their research.  I debated between having them use aggregators like Bloglines, which I use, or startpages like PageFlakes.  I decided that my students would probably enjoy setting up a startpage rather than using Bloglines.

I created an account on each of the following startpages and tested them, with the following results and conclusions:

  •–I couldn’t find a web address specifically for my page, which eliminated it as a possibilty immediately.  I need to be able to see my students’ pages.
  • Netvibes (my public pages)–I have separate public and private pages, which makes it too complicated.
  • Pageflakes (my public page)–Apparently each page has to be made public individually, which again makes it too complicated.
  • Protopage (my page)–When you sign up, you can designate your page as public or private, which is much easier than either Netvibes or Pageflakes.  It’s also easier to create widgets with RSS feeds.  It seems to have a good help section, but I wish I could find some tutorial videos in English for my students to use.

I’ll definitely be using Protopage for my classes.

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