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  • SitesLike is a free service that allows you to find, tag, rate and share websites that are similar to each other. The websites listed on SitesLike are constantly monitored so the content is always fresh and up to date.
  • SpaceTime3D allows you to see your searches. After you type in your search term, you will see pictures of the web pages for your search. You can shuffle through these pages to make finding the information you are looking for easier.
  • Oamos questions search engines for uptodate news, images, synonyms, music and videos in relation to your topics. The content are streamed audiovisually more or less objective or entertaining, with or without sound, with or without links.
  • Google Fast Flip is a web application that lets users discover and share news articles. It combines qualities of print and the Web, with the ability to “flip” through pages online as quickly as flipping through a magazine. It also enables users to follow friends and topics, discover new content and create their own custom magazines around searches.

Video: “ColderICE.com Demo of the Google Fast Flip from Google Labs”

Video:  “ColderICE.com Demo of the Google Fast Flip from Google Labs

Results of Google Alerts Test 9-14-09

Google Blogs Alert for: “4R x T”

Map of Bones by James Rollins « 4R x T
By Elizabeth
4RxT: Results of Google Alerts Test 9-7-09 – Google Blogs Alert for: 4R x T Prewriting: Interviewing and Note T… http://ow.ly/15Ol59 1 day ago; 4RxT: Resources for Learning about Ubar – Books: Nonfiction: Atkinson, Austen.
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Results of Google Alerts Test 9-7-09 « 4R x T (via AlertRank.com)
Sep 7, 2009 The smarter way to use Google Alerts to monitor and rank blog buzz! AlertRank is a professional, powerful, yet low-cost online blog
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