Research Journal Assignment #3

Post in Your Blog:

Post three times  in your blog (research journal), using the numbers, letters, and phrases in bold as the titles of your respective posts:

RJA #3a: Research Topic Exploration–Using what you learned in Chapter 3 of the textbook, explore your topic. (At this point, you won’t be doing in-depth research about your topic. You are just conducting an initial exploration.)  Keep track of your initial exploration in your research journal (i.e., your blog). Record where you searched and summarize what you found. Don’t forget to bookmark and tag the websites you find in your Delicious account, too.

If you use Google, don’t forget about Google Scholar and Google Blog Search.  You can also use Technorati, IceRocket, and Addictomatic to find blogs on your topic.

Wikipedia is a good place to start exploring your topic, but it isn’t a good source to use for your paper.  Check out Citizendium, Scholarpedia, Digital Universe, and Debatepedia as well.

In addition to searching Delicious, try similar sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Twine, and Squidoo.

RJA #3b: Research Topic Focus–Using what you learned in Chapter 3 of the textbook, write a paragraph discussing whether you need to narrow or broaden your research topic and how you might do so.

RJA #3c: Research Question–Using what you learned in Chapter 3 of the textbook, develop your research question.  In your research journal, complete the “Write a Research Question” on page 45 in your research journal.  Instead of circling and crossing out questions, use the font size button in Blogger to make the ones you would cross out smaller and the remaining one larger.

Use the department and course number (ENG 1020 or ENG 122) and other appropriate tags (”Labels” on Blogger) for each of the three posts.

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