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Research Journal Assignment #2

Learn about Social Bookmarking:

Use any or all of the following resources to learn about social bookmarking in general and Delicious in particular:

Create a Delicious Account:

Register for a social bookmarking account with Delicious. Please make sure that your username includes your first and/or last name, so I can identify your account.

Start bookmarking websites you want to use for class. These can be related to your topic or to research in general. Be sure you tag your bookmarks so you can find them again.

Feel free to explore my bookmarks and save any that you find interesting.

Post in Your Blog:

Post three times  in your blog (research journal), using the numbers, letters, and phrases in bold as the titles of your respective posts:

RJA #2a: Possible Topics–Brainstorm a list of topics you’re interested in using for your research project this semester.  Identify which topic you have selected, keeping in mind the following guidelines:

  • Select a topic that interests you because you’ll be reading, researching, and writing about it all semester.
  • Select a topic that is academic or scholarly (i.e., on that would be covered in a college class probably in the arts, sciences, or social sciences) and on which reasonable and knowledgeable people disagree.
  • Select a topic that you can cover adequately in 3,600 words.
  • Select a topic for which you can find the required sources (see the syllabus).
  • Select a topic with which you are not already too familiar.
  • Select a topic that has not been used too much.

RJA #2b: Research Topic–Write three paragraphs about the topic you’ve selected: (1) identify your topic and explain why you chose it, (2) discuss what you already know about your topic, and (3) discuss what you don’t know and want to learn about the topic. Each paragraph should be at least several sentences long. Grammar and spelling count!

RJA #2c: Delicious Account–Create a link to your Delicious account.  For help on creating a link on your blog, watch this video.

Use the department and course number (ENG 1020 or ENG 122) and other appropriate tags (”Labels” on Blogger) for each of the three posts.