Celebration of 500th Anniversary of Henry VIII’s Coronation on Renaissance Island

Five hundred years ago today, Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon were jointly crowned at Westminster Abbey.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Renaissance Island will enact the event on the weekend. The Parish is deep in the throes of cleaning the streets and polishing the Abbey!  We hope that you will join us to take part in the pageantry, fun, food, and music, as the 16th century steps out of the history books to meet the 21st!


Saturday, June 27

11:30 am SLT (PDT) — Knighting
Location: Church
Two days before coronation at the Tower of London, 26 new Knights of the Bath, including proud fathers Thomas Boleyn and Thomas Parr, were made.

12:00 noon — Procession/Coronation/Banquet
Location:  Lagswell Manor, Streets, Church
“The royal procession through the city the next day to Westminster followed a route hung with tapestries and cloth of gold. . . .” (1)  The royals will process from Lagswell Manor through the streets to the “Abbey.”  Scrumptious banquet to follow at the knot garden!

4:00 pm — Coronation Ball
Location:  Lagswell Manor/Knot Garden
Minstrel Gabrielle Riel will spin her magic music. There will be much merriment and dancing!

5:00pm — Fireworks
Location:  in the sky

Sunday, June 28

11:00am — Concert by Atheene Dodonpa
Location: Church
Mistress Dodonpa is a minstrel maiden — a musical storyteller who uses various instruments to accompany her soprano voice: recorders and pipes, symphonie, bowed psaltery, rebec, bells and medieval harp.

12:00 noon — Jousting Tournament
Location: Tilting area
Lord Merlin and Knights of the Bath will joust in a tourney with His Majesty bestowing tokens to the winners.

(1)  Lucy Wooding.  Henry VIII. London: Routledge, 2008.  Available through libraries and bookstores everywhere!!

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