Review: AllPlus

AllPlus: “The AllPlus Universal Meta Search and Discovery Engine aims to identify and present the very best search results from the very best information sources on the Web. The beta test demonstration site allows users to query all major Web content sources, including Google, Yahoo, MSN Live [Bing] and Web pages, News, Images, Videos and Blogs. The results are compared and ranked and presented to the user in an intuitive and clearly organized way. We have developed and integrated powerful Natural Language Processing algorithms in query analysis and refinement, search strategy, relevancy ranking, focused drill-down and exploration of multi-dimensional information spaces. AllPlus also employs multiple spell checkers based on our comprehensive English, Medical and Scientific Dictionaries. The system dynamically generates Topic Clusters and visualizes the search results in the form of Cluster Graphs.”

Grade: A

Rationale for Grade: AllPlus’s weaknesses are typical of most meta search engines. The clustering, cluster graph, and display of results from all databases on the results page are particularly useful.


  • searches four major search engines
  • integrates social media: searches Twitter, has Facebook group, supports bookmarking and sharing on 44 different sites
  • can be added to search engine box in browser
  • provides code to add an AllPlus search box to a website
  • provides fewer than 200 results
  • displays results from all databases on results page
  • clusters results by common keywords
  • provides cluster graph
  • lists search engines in which each result originally appeared
  • suggests alternate search terms
  • provides option of showing the number of hits from each search engine
  • provides option of searching with results


  • does not offer advanced search
  • is slower than some search engines
  • has no advance search options

Search Engines and Directories Searched:

  • Ask
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!


  • web
  • news
  • Twitter
  • images
  • video
  • blogs


Default operation AND
Search operators supported +, -, OR (AND, NOT, and NEAR are treated as search terms)
Proximity or exact phrase quotation marks
Truncation or stemming appears to work
Wildcard * appears to work
Other n/a

Case Sensitivity:

Stop Words: Yes, you can search for stop words.

Advanced Search Function: none available


Date n/a
File type n/a
Field searching n/a
Language n/a
Family filter n/a
Domain or site n/a
Other n/a

apparently by how many search engines brought back the site as a hit


Number of hits yes
Open in new window or tab yes
Cached pages no
Clustering yes
Thumbnails no
Suggestions for refining/narrowing search yes
Spell check yes
Sponsored results identified no
Update date no
Other n/a

Help Function
: n/a

Special Features: clustering, cluster graph, display of top results from all databases on main page, search within results

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3 responses to “Review: AllPlus

  1. Thank you for reviewing us!

    I would like to share the good news that we have already updated to Bing, it was just a temporary problem what you have experienced during your test period.

  2. Thank you for the review!

    We have already added Bing, it was a temporary problem you experienced during your review. It should be fine for now.

  3. Today I did get results from Bing, as you said, though I didn’t get any from Ask.

    However, the home and about pages still list Live rather than Bing. In addition, at the top of the results page where you can show or hide the number of hits from each search engine doesn’t name Bing or Live.