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Wordle: Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Wordle - Shakespeare's Sonnets

What Is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.”  According to an article, “Google’s Wave Consolidates Core Online Features in One Tool,” on, it “consolidates features from e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, multimedia management and document sharing.”  For more information, see “Google Wave:  A Complete Guide” at Mashable and the following videos:

Video: “Google Wave: Natural Language Processing

Video: “Google Wave: Live collaborative editing

Video:  “Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

Video: “Google Wave Founding Team Interview

Video: “[OSTI] Deep Web Video”

Video:  “[OSTI] Deep Web Video

Office of Scientific & Technical Information

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Technical Communication Twine

I started a Technical Communication twine.  Please join me in adding useful links and information.

My Twines

I joined Twine more than a year ago, but I didn’t get around to exploring it until this week.  I’ve joined the following twines, “interest networks”:

I subscribed to RSS feeds for all of them and tried out the bookmarklet, which doesn’t seem to allow the user to specify which twine to add the item to.

I can see how Twine could be useful for my second-semester composition students.  They could find or create twines related to their research topics.

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