Yauba, “The World’s First Privacy Safe Search Engine”

Since my ENG 1020 students at Metro and my ENG 122 students at Red Rocks have been reviewing search engines and metacrawlers on the College Research wiki, I decided to write a sample review of a new search engine named Yauba.  I gave it a B+ and gave the following rationale for the grade:  “For still being in beta testing, this search engine shows a lot of promise. If they added an advanced search function and support for more operators, along with field searching, this search engine could certainly become one of the top five.”  I also listed the following strengths and weaknesses:


  • Does not record any of the users’ personal information
  • “Can actually ‘understand’ the difference between such concepts such as Java the island, Java the coffee and Java the programming language (and much more)”
  • Provides a summary at top of page
  • Presents results from all databases on one page
  • Plays videos in search engine
  • Requests feedback
  • Visit sites found anonymously
  • Provides thumbnails of sites
  • Gives number of results from each database


  • In early beta/late alpha release
  • Does not support most operators
  • Does not support field searching
  • No advanced search
  • No help except for introductory video

I found the introductory video on YouTube:

I also found a user-generated tutorial video for Yauba.  (The copy on YouTube isn’t working right now.)

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