Tools for Posting RSS Feeds to Twitter

I did some research this weekend and found four tools that will automatically post RSS feeds to a Twitter account:

I’ve been using twitterfeed to post my own blog entries to my Twitter account.  Making changes is annoying because it takes three or four steps to log in using OpenID, and I always have to look up the categories I selected as my “password.”

I haven’t tried Pingvine or RSS to Twitter.  They look pretty straightforward, but I’m concerned about security for my account.

I did try HootSuite and have subsequently switched to it from twitterfeed.  I can manage automatic updates of RSS feeds from my blogs and Delicious accounts to all my Twitter accounts (I have three) from one dashboard.  It’s possible to add additional editors for one Twitter account.  With HootSuite, I can schedule an update to be posted at a future time, and I can also use the Hootlet button to post from any web page to my Twitter account.  It doesn’t have all the features that Big Tweet does, but I don’t have to log in and out of my various accounts with Hootlet.  Since I use different computers during the week, I especially like the fact that HootSuite is web-based.  Its biggest disadvantage is that I can’t see who I’m following or who is following me from the application.

One response to “Tools for Posting RSS Feeds to Twitter

  1. Good tips. I found the HootSuite the best suited for my needs.