Application Project

Use the research you have done to write one of the following:

  • Journal Entry(ies) or Personal Letter(s): Write one or more journal entries or personal letters to a friend or family member discussing events related to your topic as if you were an individual involved in that event.
  • Short Story or Scene from a Play: Write a short story or scene from a play (dialogue) set during events related to your topic or using information on your topic.
  • News Article: Write a news article related to your research topic.
  • Editorial: Write an editorial expressing an opinion related to your research topic.

Other types of documents will be considered. Please contact the instructor with your idea(s).

The document should be in a format appropriate for the genre and must be at least 1200 words long.

It should be accompanied by a brief essay with parenthetical citations and a References page in APA style explaining which sources you used and how you used them. The essay must be at least 300 words long. You should use at least five sources of three different types.

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  2. Jascha Tetlow

    When is the application project due for ENG122?