ENG 1020 and 122: Research Paper Q&A

If you have any questions about writing your research paper, please use the comments on this post to ask them.  Be sure you use at least your first name and last initial so I know who is asking the question.

If you have questions about the requirements for the paper, please review the appropriate section in the syllabus.

4 responses to “ENG 1020 and 122: Research Paper Q&A

  1. Ms. Clark,
    Will we be needing headers, footers, or a cover sheet?

  2. Can the reference work we use be an online source, or does it need to be printed?

    Also, in the instructions it said we needed at least one long and two short quotations from each source we cited. How long does a quotation need to be in order to be considered a long quotation?

    • The reference work may be online or printed. The cutoff between short and long quotations is four lines of text.