Internet Research Project, Second Week

Write a review of the  search engine or a metacrawler you were assigned and post it on the College Research wiki.  Assignments are posted in the class wiki (ENG 1020 (Metro), ENG 122 (Red Rocks)).

To complete the project, you will need to join the College Research wiki. (I’d recommend bookmarking the site.) Please create a username that is clearly yours. You’ll need to choose a password and provide your e-mail address, which I would recommend not displaying, and your first and last names, which are not displayed. You don’t need to complete the profile.

To write your review, click on the Easy Edit button at the top of the page and use the formatting functions as you would in a word processing program. You don’t have to insert tables, images, or widgets, so don’t worry about those functions if you’re not comfortable with them.

The only things on the review page that should be deleted are the instructions in square brackets.  You will replace those instructions with the actual information indicated.

If you need help, refer to

Use the evaluation criteria discussed in class to help determine the grade you give your search engine or metacrawler.

Please don’t make changes to any pages except the one created for your review. (I’ll put the grades in the tables listing the search engines and metacrawlers.) If you do make a mistake or delete something you didn’t want to, it can be restored, so don’t worry.

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