Internet Research Project, First Week

For this project, you will be evaluating and reviewing a search engine or a metacrawler (a search engine that searches other search engines rather than its own database).

Here is the schedule for the project:

First Week: You have been assigned a search engine or metacrawler for your project.  Assignments are posted in the class wiki (ENG 1020 (Metro), ENG 122 (Red Rocks)).

In discussion in class, we will determine what criteria you should use to evaluate your search tool. (Final criteria will be listed on the  College Research wiki.) You will spend time exploring the search tool you were assigned.

If necessary, review the column headings (click on each one for a description) on the Search Engine Features Chart at Search Engine Showdown.

Second Week: You will write a review of the search engine or metacrawler you were assigned and post it on the College Research wiki.  You will receive instructions on how to do so at the beginning of the second week of the project.  If you start writing your review before then, please do it in a word processing program. You may cut and paste the information into the wiki page next week.

Anyone who successfully completes his or her review may be eligible to do an additional one  for extra credit.

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