Research Journal Assignment #5

Post three times  in your blog (research journal), using the numbers, letters, and phrases in bold as the titles of your respective posts:

5a: Finding Periodical Articles–Using databases from your college or public library or the web, search for periodical articles on your research topic.  Keep electronic copies of the articles you want to read. Some databases, like EBSCO, allow you to e-mail copies of the articles to yourself. Of course, you may also print them out to read.  Also browse the periodical section of the college and local public libraries. If you can’t check out the issues of the periodical, you will probably want to photocopy any useful articles you find.

Record the following information for each periodical article you find that you want to use:

  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Title of article
  • Title of periodical
  • Volume and issue number (if available)
  • Date
  • Pages on which article appears

If you identify any electronic articles that would be useful, you also need to record the database or website where you accessed it, the library from which database was accessed (if applicable), the date you accessed it, and the web address for the subscription database or the article itself.

In addition, record the following information in your research journal for each search you conduct:

  • Resource searched
  • Keywords used
  • Search strategies used (including operators and types of searches)
  • Date of search
  • Number of hits
  • Relevance of hits (on a scale of 1 to 5)

5b: Finding More Reference Articles and Books–Continue searching for reference articles and books related to your research topic.  Follow the instructions in Research Journal Assignment #4 for what information to record in your research journal.

5c: Rewriting Search Strings–Based on the comments you received last week and the instructions and reminders here, revise the search strings you wrote for Research Journal Assignment #3 and post your revisions in your research journal.

Use the department and course number (ENG 1020 or ENG 122) and other appropriate tags (”Labels” on Blogger) for each of the three posts.

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