Research Journal

Use any or all of the following resources to learn about blogs:

Create a blog using Blogger. You can take a tour of Blogger, or you can watch this video or the first videos in this playlist if you need help getting started.  Any time you need help, go to the Blogger Help page.

This blog will be your research journal. Make sure that the title of your blog includes your first and/or last name, so I can identify the author when I’m reading your posts.

When you have created your blog, e-mail the web address (copy and paste it from the box in your browser) to me at the e-mail address in the syllabus.

You may use any layout or color scheme or widgets that you wish on your blog, as long as they are professional.  Please, though, make sure that the combination you choose for your font and background is readable.  Generally a dark font on a light background is easier to read.

Please turn off word verification for comments on your blog so your classmates and I can easily communicate with you on your blog.  To do this, click on the Settings link below the name of your blog in your Dashboard.  Then click on the Comments link (fourth from the left).  Scroll down to the question “Show word verification for comments?”  Click on the circle by No.  Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Settings.

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