Assignments in Blog

This semester I’m teaching four sections of second-semester freshman composition:  three sections of ENG 1020 (two on campus and one online) for Metro and one section of ENG 122 (online) for Red Rocks.   I’m using the same main textbook, The Bedford Researcher, for all the classes, and the assignments will also be the same for all of them.

I’ve been trying to figure out what would be the most efficient way to post instructions for assignments that I didn’t include in the syllabus (i.e., everything but the papers).  I could repeat the information in the wiki for the on-campus Metro classes and the course shells for both online courses, or I could post it once somewhere else and link to it.  That way, if I need to make any corrections, I only have to make them once.

I decided finally that this blog is the best place to post the assignments.  That way, my students can all ask any questions they have in the same place, and I’ll be notified immediately because I moderate the comments.

I’ll try it this semester and see how it works.

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