Using Delicious for Composition Classes

As I wrote last month, I used Wetpaint wikis for my on-campus classes last semester.  Students in my ENG 1020 class at Metropolitan State College of Denver and my ENG 122 classes, one on campus and one online, for Red Rocks Community College were required to create bookmarking accounts on Delicious to keep track of useful websites they found during their research.  Their bookmarks counted for 5% of their final grades.

As I mentioned in that previous post, for their final research journal (blog) assignment students in those classes were asked to “[d]iscuss the usefulness and effectiveness of the internet tools you used in the class: the blog [for a research journal], the Delicious bookmarks, and the wikis.”

They had the following comments about using Delicious bookmarks:

  • “I especially enjoyed the bookmarks! I will definitely continue to use my delicious account in the future.”
  • “The Delicious account, I thought to be a good tool for efficiently getting to the few websites I used. It also has great potential for future classes. I plan on using it for my future assignments and projects.”
  • “The delicious account is awesome i will continue to use it for other papers or just in general web sites that I want to remember without using my Favorites tab.”
  • “Out of all the internet resources that we used over the semester, I found bookmarks the most useful. It allowed me to keep track of any sources, that I thought could be of use to my writing.”
  • “And finally I also enjoyed the delicious account, it was nice having a backup of your websites and not having to go search to find where you originally found them. Sometimes there was problems with logging in, but after I remembered my password it worked again. And I also do belive I will continue to use delicious because of its usefulness. . . .”
  • “The Delicious bookmarking account was great as well. I will definately keep using this site and my account in the future. It is great for when I am working on things at a friend’s computer or at work so that I do not have to write down all my websites and information. What a clever idea.”
  • “The Delicious account was also knew to me and actually something I appreciated. I used it a lot to keep track of sources and definitely plan to continue using that site in the future. I think it will really help me keep track of my research.”
  • “The Delicious account was especially helpful for organizing and finding sources.”
  • “Delicious is one of the best tools that I have found. It makes everything so convenient, from my research on schizophrenia to just my everyday things that I like to look up.”
  • “Delicious is also really cool when working on papers, projects, and research.”
  • “The delicious account was alright, truthfully I did not use very often. If I really need to find something I can just go back and search for it. It is nice to have it all with one click, but if you don’t utilize the resource to begin with, it’s pointless.”
  • “The Delicious bookmarks idea was a really good idea. I didn’t find it very effective, but it’s the same story as the research blog. If I had made use of it, I could have benefitted. Instead, I just wrote down the sites I used or tried to remember them.”
  • “Delicious is a very interesting website. I think it is a good idea to bookmark interesting webpages. I will try to get in the habit of doing so. With delicious the bookmarks are saved online, so that they can be accessed from any computer rather than just your own.”
  • “The one that was the most useful to me is the delicious account; since I don’t always do school work on the same computer each time, it was very handy to have all of my sources available regardless of where I was.”

I definitely intend to keep this assignment for second-semester composition classes I teach in the future.  I think I need to do a better job of teaching my students about tagging, both for their Delicious accounts and for their research journals.  In addition, this coming semester I want to stress searching Delicious for relevant websites, possibly using Bookmarks InSuggest.

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